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I learn as much from my students and clients as they learn from me (if not more). I share their feedback with the deepest gratitude.

"I have been working with Liz Chesla for many years. She is a great yoga teacher who has helped me through many difficult times. Never does she not have time to help. Liz has helped me with breathing, balance, and the many challenges I have faced as a trauma and cancer survivor." - Mary P. 

"Liz has been such a great teacher and advocate for my daughters as they have dealt with scoliosis. Not only has she taken the time to research a tailored yoga practice that specifically addresses the muscles affected, she has taught us all to develop a love and appreciation for yoga that goes beyond the medical reasons we were working with her. Yoga is a part of our lives now and I'm so glad to have Liz be our friend, our teacher, and a positive influence in our lives." -Shelly P.

"Liz is an extremely talented, wise, and knowledgeable Yin yoga teacher. She encouraged me to try Yin and had the wisdom and foresight to know I would love it -- and she was so right. It is a practice that has brought so much to my life, yoga practice, and tennis game, a gift that I can give to myself, and my body and mind thank me after every class." ~ Dr. Joanna Carmichael,  

Meditation, Ayurveda & Yoga Teacher

"Working with you has become the most uplifting and inspiring hour of my week! I can't even to begin to thank you enough!" ~ Linda P.

"What an amazing experience! In just one private yoga session with Liz, I learned several tiny changes in position (not just during yoga but in daily life) that have helped with flexibility and pain reduction. Talk about little things making a big difference. Liz knows her stuff and is skilled in helping others put knowledge into practice. Thanks, Liz!" ~TracyMcGovern, Reflexologist 

"Liz was meant to be a yoga instructor. She has a talent for getting you relaxed and comfortable in your poses, senses your needs, gently guides you, and encourages you to really connect mind, body, and spirit." ~Maria P.

“Excellent workshop! The careful braid of movement, stillness, and creativity was cultivated masterful. I left with a mind full of possibilities.” ~Kelly T.    

“I, too, had an enlightening experience [at the Breathings of the Heart yoga & writing workshop]. For me, it was a time to release both mind and body to a higher level of awareness.” ~Diane J

"Thank you so much for teaching our son yoga! He enjoys his class with you very much! Your wonderful teaching style and sweet personality make the class a real joy for him." ~Paty K.

"Thank you for helping me stretch and grow these last two months. You have helped me to breathe deeper and practice yoga more confidently. Your gentleness is a rare quality and it has been a privilege to have you as an instructor." ~Natalie S.

"Thank you for a wonderful Full Moon Yoga class this evening! You are truly gifted at what you share! Love it!" ~Lyn Hicks

"Thank you so much, Liz! I've been going through some painful job transitions lately, and this workshop helped me balance my emotions about it -- and most importantly -- LET GO! Swaha."~Diane C. 

"Liz's gentle, careful, and caring instruction has been very beneficial to me in many ways. I'm now more aware of the benefits of breathing deeply; of the advantages of slow, deliberate stretching, bending and twisting; of paying attention to my body and what feels good; and of what movements bring relief to various aches and pains. I am learning how slow, deliberate, proper stretches and movements - and breathing - can make me stronger and improve my overall well-being."~Mickey C.

"Thank you for being an awesome teacher and providing me with the tools to really bring yoga and meditation into my life." ~Stephanie L.