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[Online classes in development]


Mondays :: click here to schedule

“Slowga” blends hatha and vinyasa for a slow-flow class that strengthens the body and settles the mind. You’ll enjoy a steady, unhurried pace with longer holds to help build endurance and find the balance between effort and ease in your practice. We’ll focus on the breath and alignment as we build both flexibility and stability in the body. Slowing down also allows us to pay greater attention to transitions and how we move and hold our bodies in space. With a “less is more” approach, we dive deeper into fewer poses for more insight. 

Joint Freeing Series

TBA :: click here to schedule

The Joint Freeing Series (Pawanmuktasana I) gently and systematically moves each joint through its full and natural range of motion. Considered “the Great Healer,” this series enhances joint mobility and helps relieve joint pain and stiffness while increasing body awareness and mindfulness. Suitable for all levels and ages, JFS is especially beneficial for those with limited mobility due to injuries or arthritis and can be completed on the floor or seated in a chair. Each session will include the complete series and a guided meditation. 

Yin Yoga

TBA :: click here to schedule

Yin yoga is a quiet, meditative practice that releases tension, promotes flexibility, and balances the busy-ness of daily life. We’ll hold passive postures for several minutes to experience gentle, deep stretches and help release “the issues in our tissues.” By appropriately stressing the connective tissue and joints, Yin nourishes the fascia and helps increase the body’s natural range of motion. And by cultivating stillness and surrender, Yin strengthens our capacity for awareness, presence, and inner peace.

"It is through your body that

you realize you are a spark of

divinity." ~BKS Iyengar