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For most of my life, writing has been my refuge: a way to express my thoughts and share my feelings, a means of making sense of my emotions and experiences. 

But thoughts and feelings don't just live in our heads - they also reside, along with imprints of our experiences, in our bodies, moving through our blood and nestling deep in our bones. Though I have always been a writer, it was only after I discovered yoga that I began to realize how much my writing - and living - had hovered on the surface. How much I still held my breath. How disconnected I was from my body. And how much I was missing by spending most of my time living in the future or the past.

For me, yoga has been an incredible catalyst for honest, authentic writing and living. It is an essential practice that keeps me grounded and connected to my body and to the present moment - which is the only place where life happens. That's why, when I discovered yoga, it was such a powerful and transformative tool for me. Yoga brought me back, taught me to listen to my whole being, helped me find my self, my voice.  

Because beyond the increased flexibility, strength, patience, perspective, and balance, that's the greatest gift my yoga practice has given me: the ability to simply be me. Listening to my heart. Trusting my instincts. Being present and noticing all the miracles in and around me. Recognizing, as B.K.S. Iyengar says, my own divinity.

That's the healing power of yoga. The more time I spent on the mat, the more empowered I became to accept myself and to live authentically. With a monkey mind that loves to dwell in the future and the past, yoga is a gift that keeps pulling me back to the present. I am especially fond of teaching Yin yoga, which reminds me to slow down, be more mindful, and let go. 

Training, Certifications & Degrees

  • 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Dragonfly Yoga Studio (Doylestown, PA), 2010
  • Anusara Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, DIG Yoga (Lambertville, NJ), 2011
  • Yoga for Trauma Certification, The Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute/Kripalu (Lenox, MA), 2012
  • Yin Yoga Certification (Doylestown, PA), 2013
  • MA, English & Comparative Literature, Columbia University (1991)
  • BA, English & Spanish, Dickinson College (1990)

I have also studied and teach yoga for scoliosis, partner yoga, chair yoga, as well as yoga for kids and those with special needs.

Teaching, Writing & Editing

Before becoming a yoga instructor, I taught writing and literature courses at colleges in New York City. When we moved back home to Pennsylvania and I started homeschooling my three children, my focus shifted to writing and editing, and I've since authored and edited dozens of books for educational publishers and worked on a variety of writing and editing projects for businesses and non-profits. I've also edited a pair of memoirs and am currently writing my own family memoir as well as a historical novel. You can learn more about my writing and editing services here. I also host a weekly women's writing group. If you are local and interested in joining us, please contact me.

Where I Serve 

I see private clients in the Harleysville, PA area (between Philadelphia and Allentown) and online via Skype. My weekly classes are at Anahata Yoga & Wellness Center in Lederach, PA.  

Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a workshop or private session.